Chantilly Tea Room

Please note that our physical location is no longer open. However, you can still purchase our wonderful teas in our new online store!

Chantilly Tea Room began as a dream many years ago as I experienced afternoon teas around the world—from my first cup at the Plaza Hotel in New York City to enjoying tea at a café in Venice on St. Mark's Square. Excited to share my love of tea, I began a search for a tea room location. Having no success in finding a home to renovate, I bought property and designed a destination tearoom where I hoped guests would visit for a spot of tea. Opening in 2002, Chantilly has provided an "oasis" - a peaceful place of respite filled with love, laughter, meaningful conversation, close relationships and warm memories. Throughout the thirteen plus years, I have delighted in sharing moments with guests during our special event teas for the holidays, tea tastings, Mrs. Claus Storytime, Downtown Abby tea time, Harry Potter, Princess Teas, and many other events and classes. Guests and staff became family and friends—some of whom we visited with every week as they popped in for tea and conversation.

After thirteen successful years, I made the very difficult decision to close the business—the response from guests was humbling and heart-warming as people shared their stories of how Chantilly had touched their lives and how magical and uplifting it was to them and their friends and family who attended with them. I too will miss spending time with all of the friends who have passed through our doors. However, I need to take my own moment of respite, take a breath, travel, create and re-imagine. My love of tea as a beverage and the beauty and connectiveness of the ritual of afternoon tea and tea as a lifestyle has only grown stronger over the years, so my adventure of sharing that love is going to continue. Guests have asked me for years to write a cookbook, so I am hoping to finally gather together my recipes and create. Finding myself with a bit more free time, I plan to write a tea blog about past and future journeys to tea conferences, tea gardens, tea rooms, and more…all the while exploring, learning and sharing. Also, I know that sometime in the not too distant future, I will most likely be drawn again to opening a Shoppe where I can personally again create an atmosphere people may enjoy the "tea experience." In the interim, I will be selling my loose-leaf teas and scone mixes online, so that everyone can continue to enjoy a good cup of their favorite tea while nibbling on a scone "a la curd."